“Transcend customer relationships

– Adam Posner

Why Making Price Irrelevant?

Making Price Irrelevant is about helping business reduce their reliance on discounting.

It’s about avoiding being caught in a commodity trap.

More importantly, it’s about building a relationship based on trust, not based on a transaction.

Making Price Irrelevant is a strategic process that helps business move from selling a product or service for a price, to guiding people to a purpose.

It’s about shifting focus from value add to being valuable.

Are you valuable to your customers?

Are your customers valuable to you?

Making Price Irrelevant is a proven process that helps your business:



Retain valuable customers:
build trust earlier in the sales process, retain them for longer


Acquire valuable customers:
Drive more and better quality customers into your business


Find a valuable difference:
Simply find a compelling difference that matters to your customers.

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Adam Posner

Adam Posner
Author of Making Price Irrelevant
Adam’s experience has evolved over 29 years whilst establishing his own businesses and servicing the marketing needs of his client’s businesses.

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